How to Write an Essay

Many professors and teachers like giving students five paragraph essays in order to help student structure and organize their essays properly. However, most professional writers do not write using five paragraph essays. Essays are crucial in determining your knowledge on a given subject matter as well as your investigative, interpretative, communicative and also argumentative skills. All these skills can be demonstrated in a five paragraph essay which consists of three parts namely an introduction, a three paragraph body and a conclusion.

When writing a five paragraph essay, begin with an introduction.

This part is the beginning section of your essay and should be able to grab attention and also to enhance the reader’s curiosity. It should begin with a catchy sentence that will give the reader a point of entry to your essay by briefly and clearly telling them what you intend to write about.

Three paragraph body.

When writing a five paragraph essay, make sure that you elaborate more on the subject you are covering by writing the main ideas which should be followed by supporting ideas. You may also include examples to make your essay easy to understand. In addition, the body of your essay must be accompanied with supporting evidence that will verify your ideas. Thus, the body should explain the topic, describe it, support or give an argument. Carefully use connecting words or phrases like and, additionally, consequently, however. Such words help to bridge the gap between related ideas, indicate a change and also to ensure a proper flow of your essay.


Your conclusion should be written with care just as the intro hence should be connected to the introductory part. This means, the conclusion must echo your introduction all with the aim of creating better understanding of the essay. It should tell your readers why your essay is important and also fuse together all the information contained in the essay. Your conclusion will act as a summary for your essay but must give your reader something new to think about and also challenge your reader. You can use pose a question to your reader after deciding what you would want to leave your reader with.