How to Write a Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is one of those scary from school sometimes bringing back bad memories. Who uses the word thesis but teachers? And statement,  sounds like you could be giving a deposition to police or something. So lets call it something else. Here is one suggestion. What you really want to say about that? Seriously, that is another way of saying thesis statement.

Which is nothing but your topic and what you want to say about. Example topic textbooks, my position on them. For online students textbooks should be a thing of the past. Isn’t this digital education? There was a topic, textbooks, there was my opinion on it. There should be a thing on the past for online students. So,  you see that’s all what  the thesis statement is.

Now usually in school, you are given a topic to write about, the french revolution, your career research paper, and all you do is state and defend your position on it. But it’s the same in your workplace or life.  You’re given a topic. Should we be open that new satellite office? And you give your opinion on it, yes we should, no we should not. Or what really happen during that incident yesterday out of the flight wide. And you give your position about what really happen. Because that’s all what position statement is. What you really think about something, what you really want to say about something… It is as simple as that.